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Kathmandu, June 5: A rally for environmental justice was organised here today, marking World Environment Day which is observed on June 5 each year. The event was hosted by an organization named Sath Sathai that works for climate change. The rally, supported by 64 organizations, commenced from Bhadrakali and concluded upon reaching Basantapur via Sundhara and New Road. Deputy Speaker Indira Rana Magar, who was among the rally participants, expressed her grave concern over the increasing problem of snow melting caused by climate change. “Nepal’s majestic mountains are losing their snow cover,” she said, highlighting the need for collective actions to address this pressing issue. The Deputy Speaker advocated for the promotion of electric cooking stoves as one of the measures to mitigate environmental degradation. As she said, despite Nepal’s minimal contribution to the greenhouse gas effect, it is enduring climate change consequences, including the rise in natural disasters, erratic rainfall patterns, and declining agricultural production.

Former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha said Nepal’s mountains are losing snow cover due to the effect of climate change. He advised Nepal to amplify its voice to demand compensation from those countries responsible for carbon emissions. He warned that locals are on the verge of being displaced from their settlement due to environmental degradation. He drew the government’s attention to the prompt need to stop degradations in the name of development. CPN (UML) Whip Sunita Baral said that the formation of a parliamentary caucus is likely soon to work in the area of environmental conservation at the policy level. NC leader and former lawmaker Laxmi Pariyar said politicians should also be serious about addressing the issues of environmental degradation. Madhesi Commission member Renudevi Shah said the sustainable prosperity is achievable provided that there is the promotion of tourism keeping the natural heritages unharmed. Sath Sathai’s Chairperson Prajita Karki said the collective efforts are warranted to keep the environment safe. Other participants of the event expressed their commitment to the environmental protection efforts.