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KATHMANDU: Sath Sathai Foundation has signed and exchanged the memorandum of understanding with Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu to work strategically for climate justice in Khumbu area. The MoU was signed by Prajeeta Karki, Chairperson on behalf of Sath Sathai Foundation and by Tasi Lhamu Sherpa, the rural municipality Deputy Mayor. It is mentioned in the agreement that there will be cooperation in study, research, and development work on the impact of climate change on the local people.

The MoU mentioned that in addition to assessing the damage caused by climate change, there will be cooperation on the study, research and development work on the effects of climate change in the Khumbu region.
Due to climate change, the amount of snow in the mountains, including the highest peak Everest, is gradually decreasing, affecting the tourism and agricultural sectors. The rural municipality has moved forward with the work of strategic development to address the issue. Citing the decline of snow in the mountain, the water crisis, and the problems in farming, Mrs. Karki remarked that adaptation programs are essential now. The rural municipality has partnered with the team led by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Indira Ranamagar who is trekking in Khumbu, a high Himalayan region of Solukhumbu.

Speaking at the program held in Khumjung, a high Himalayan area of Solukhumbu, Deputy Speaker Ranamagar appreciated the local people for starting strategic work for climate justice and said that he is always ready for the role to be played by the Parliament for its implementation.
Speaking at the program lawmaker Manveer Rai, representing Solukhumbu in the House of Representatives, said that climate change has caused various problems in the region and it has directly affected the local residents. He appealed to all parties to work united for climate justice.
Mingmar Chhiri, Chairman of the Municipality stressed that he has prioritized generating public awareness for climate justice, drawing the attention of national and international organizations for adaptation programs, setting legal infrastructure, etc. to sensitize the issue ahead.

Village Vice President Sherpa said that the local government has done significant work in environmental protection and said that since Mount Everest is a world treasure, everyone should pay attention to the protection of this area.
Prajita Karki, the president of an organization that studies the effects of climate change on local people’s lives, especially on women, has studied the problem of Khumbu Kshetra in depth and determined that it will be brought to the attention of the federal government and international forums.
In order to understand the effects of climate change in that area and address the problems of the affected residents, a 6-day walk was made from Lukla to Khumjung with reference to Women’s Day.
16 people including Deputy Speaker Ranamar, former Foreign Minister and Member of National Assembly Dr. Bimala Rai Poudel, Joint Secretary of Agriculture Ministry Dr. Sabnam Sivakoti, experts Dr. Madhav Karki, Dr. Yamuna Ghale, Saru Shrestha Joshi, Dipika Das participated in the walk.